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Please note particularly Glenn Morton's Why I took my creation web pages down and my Why I have preserved Glenn's creation web pages.The material on this wiki is not to be used to attack religion, but to defend truth and reason for believers and non-believers alike.
Letters and Articles
Glenn Morton: Old Earth Creation Science Testimony. Why I Left Young-Earth Creationism
Ken MacLeod's Story
Steve Robertson's Story
Steve Smith's Testimony
Wendy's Story
Testimony of a Homeschooling Mother
Glenn Morton: Morton's Demon
The Imminent Demise of Evolution: The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism
Glenn Morton: Why I took my creation web pages down
Barry Desborough: Why I have preserved Glenn's creation web pages.
Barry Desborough: Poof, beyond reasonable doubt, of chimp/human common ancestry.

The Creation Web Pages
The Global Flood
600,000 years of not sweeping the floor-The Soils of BeijingAn Analysis of John Matthews' "The Origin of Oil. A Creationist Answer"Carbonate Hardgrounds Disprove Global FloodTime Sequence in Pebbles-Conglomerates in ConglomeratesTime in the Flood--Seismic and the Great Stone DomeWhile the Flood Rages, Termites dig, Dinosaurs Dance and Cicadas SingIt Sure Was Hot in the Global FloodWilcox Coals and the Floating Forest/VeggieMat Young-earth TheoriesIgneous History of British Isles Won't Fit Into Global FloodTexas Ellenburger Caves Show Global Flood is ImpossibleDifunta Group Argues Against Global FloodNorth Sea Rocks Refute Young-Earth ArgumentsHaymond Formation with Thousands of BurrowsHow Long Ago was the Flood?Runaway Subduction is a ShamDelicate Insects Not Destroyed by Turbulent Global FloodAmber and the FloodGoing to the Bathroom in the Global FloodHow fossilization occursSteve Austin's Grand Canyon Argument:Methematical Sleight of HandUnconformities and the Global FloodHow Overthrusts occurDesert Varnish--evidence of 300 Years in the Geologic ColumPollen Order in Varves Presents Problems for Global FloodWhere were the Animals at the Beginning of the Flood?
Why The Flood Can't Be Global
Why The Flood Can't Be In Mesopotamia
The Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood
Microfossil Stratigraphy Presents Problems for the Flood
Why The Flood Can't Be In The Black SeaSeismic Data and Evidence of the Earth's AgeThe Geologic Column and its Implications for the FloodBuried River Channels in the Geologic ColumnRock Physical Properties Vary With Age of Fossils They ContainWhy Carbon 14 Dating WorksThe Appalachian Mountains Show the Need for Much TimeCanyons Buried in the Fossil Record show Global Flood ImpossibleTen years of Plant Growth found 7000 Feet Down in ColoradoMercury Poisoning in the Global FloodMisguided Erosion argumentToo Many Fossils Found on Earth for Global FloodMeteoritic Dust Found in Salt--Proves Slow DepositionOil Well Cores and the Global FloodCastile Formation Shows Waters Were Calm During Global FloodToo Many Meteors in the Flood Year.Limestone Shows Slow DepositionBurrows Show Slow DepositionCanadian Coal not Formed CatastrophicallyWhy Clastic Dykes don't indicate a Global FloodThe Multiple Droughts in the Global FloodCreationist Misuse of the Green River FormationJonathan Clarke's Discussion of PaleosolsFish Cause Problems for the Global floodAcidic water of Global Flood Would Kill Noah and the Fish in the SeaCarbon Dioxide and the FloodThe Real Poop on the Global FloodTracks and Raindrop, Hail and Ice Impressions Demonstrates Slow Deposition The Letter the Creation Research Society Quarterly Didn't Want You to SeeReply to Woodmorappe's Critique of My Web Pag

Theology Articles
Early Church Fathers Were Not YECs--John Tobin's EssayOlam Olam:The Bible's Way of Telling Us That the Earth is OldWhy I believe Genesis is Historically AccurateDays of Proclamation--New Way to Interpret Genesis 1Evidence of the Original Language--Did Man Speak One Language?
Plain Reading of Genesis 1The Metaphysical Casino--Why I believe in DesignTheory for CreationistsHow God used Evolution

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